Dear readers,
It’s been a pretty long time since I last wrote something in English ;-)!

Though it’s not my language, I’ve been thinking about something interesting to write and, most of all, something worth reading! And I hope I found it…
I’ve recently read a very interesting book from Lynne McTaggart (The intention experiment) about the power of thought, which I think is one of the most innovative and surprising book I’ve ever red in the last few months.

The book is about how intention can influence our feelings and our emotional state and brings in a few good and reliable proofs from a number of experiments scientifically run about the power and effects of intention.

First of all, let’s try to make clear what “intention” means in this case: the Oxford Dictionary defines the word INTENTION as “the action or fact of intending”, namely, I would say, intention is also meant to be the purpose to send good or evil emotions, expectations or “wills” toward another living being, which can be a human being a plant or an animal.
Results from various studies conducted using plants or human being, lead to the same amazing and shocking conclusion, namely: “when you send an intention, every major physiological system in your body, is mirrored in the body of the receiver. Intention is the perfect manifestation of love. Two bodies became one” (THE INTENTION EXPERIMENT, Chapter 4, page 47).
Experiments conducted with plants clearly showed – by using proper and reliable measurements – that when the plant is object of a bed intention responds by altering its electromagnetic field.
Especially experiments conducted with couples in which one was asked to “send” a variety of different thoughts to the partner, showed how strong emotions such as love, hate or anger, could produce a considerable effect on light discharge of the recipient; as if to say we are all necessarily connected to each other as well as to the rest of the living being which sorround us.
The significances of such a discovery are huge, and may also be the grounding for a few things we used to consider as general believes: evil eye, remote healing, witchcraft, mind reading, meditation effects and so on.
Let’s think about how many times we thought of a friend and suddenly, unexpectedly received a call from that friend! Or about all the times we dreamt of something that took place a few days later…
The issue is complex indeed, and rich of further implications which cannot comprehensively be tackled in this simple blog of mine.
Nevertheless, I hope I gave you all a good starting point to consider our nature of living being not only from the point of view of a positive mind, but most of all from a new, alternative point of view which considers human being and all living being as capable of broadcasting emotions, feelings, intentions and wishes even without words.
Even in the distance.
Even in dreams… in thinking about someone with all of our loving intention…
With love

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